All the records and victories of the National Athletic Championship

At the 18th edition of the National Indoor Athletic Championship for both seniors and juniors (between 18-19 years), organized at the Polyvalent Gym in Chisinau, were registered numerous new national records.

Lina Maftei managed a brilliant result of 3 meters 30 centimeters at pole vault. The sisters Marina and Zalina Marghiev managed to improve for 4 times the national record at the hammer throwing contest. Managing 71,56 m Zalina is the only leader of this contest, her sister Marina Marghiev being just 6 cm behind her achievement. At both the disc and weight throwing the winner became Nataliei Artac.

Numerous sportsmen managed to obtain more than just one medal.

Iurie Cazac is the winner on 60 meters race ( 6,82 seconds) and 60 meters barrier race (8,34 seconds).

Iurie Coroi is the leader of the 200 and 400 m races - 22,57 seconds and respectively 49,87.

The distances of 60 m and 200 m were definitely conquered by Anastasia Ghertev with the results of - 7,70 seconds and respectively 25,41 seconds.

Viorel Gheorghita became the champion at the 2000 meters barrier race (5.45,82 minutes) and 3000 meters (8.13,38 minutes).

Olesea Smovjenco didn't have adequate opponents at 800 m (2.17,55 minutes) and 1500 m (4.36,04).

Oxana Juraveli, who alos participated at the Olympic games in Beijing, won the 2000 meters barrier race (6.44, 29).

In the 800 m the new champion became Mihai Anton (1.55, 94).

Vitalie Gheorghita was the best in the 1500 m race (3.59,12).

The triple jump contest brought a new gold medal to Vladimir Letnicov, his result being 16 meters 35 cm.

Ion Emilianov won the weight throwing contest - 18,14 metri.

Andrei Miticov was the best among men at pole volt (2,10 metri). The same contest in the women's competition was won by Olga Bernivec (1,75). At the long jump contest the champion became Olga Radcenco - (5,66 meters), at the triple jump - Ecaterina Malahina (12,5).

Fedosei Ciumacenco won the 10 km race, showing the result of 41.38,4 minutes.

Ion Luchianov is now experiencung a competitional break, while Olga Cristea has bronchitis.

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