National Cycling Federation is not satisfied with the policy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports

The former Sports Agency management is not satisfiedwith the policy ofthe Ministry of Youth and Sports.Alexandru Barciuc and Andrei Cimili, who are now leading theNational Cycling Federationare outraged by the divisionof the sports in important and lessimportant. The modest funding is another reason for complaint of thecycling federation representatives. In their turn the Ministry of Youth and Sports has a totally different pointofview.

Alexandru Barciuc, vice president of the National Cycling Federation: - I cannot understand the separation the sports in important and lessimportant.The question is- why cycling is not among the top six sports in Moldova?Unlike other federations we do go to the ministry to ask for money. Although, frankly speaking- we arenot givenmoney. The government gave us40.000lei instead of 250.000planned from the start.

Andrei Cimili, National Cycling Federation president: - The decrease of thefederation budget withsix timesdoes not make us happy.

Currently four Moldovan cyclists fightfor the right to represent our country at the Olympics in London in 2012.

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