Tiligul-Tiras has stopped existing

One of the most impressive vernacular club, Tiligul-Tiras, does not exist anymore. The team's management could not save the club, because of the financial crisis. So, Tiligul was taken away from the Moldavian Football Map.

The two time finalist and the three times Cup Beholder, also the six times vice-champion and the three times Cup Beholder finished the championship facing great problems. Since spring it was said that Tiligul might finish its existence.

Tiligul could not even get the License A, which gives it the right to play in the Naţional Division. The coach Valeriu Vasiliev declared that the team would not exist anymore.

The coach has to mind his own business, explained the technical manager Iurie Salcuţan. "I declare that the team will be present in the championship".

At the end of this month, the Tiligul management said that they found a sponsor, an investor, but did not mention his name.

The saver is Olimpia Bălţi. The management of those from Bălţi rented the training base of Tiligul from Ternovca. Tiligul is not playing football anymore. The whole stuff was unemployed, and the head coach Valeriu Vasiliev as well.

At the beginning of June, Olimpia has left for a training period. The moldova.sports.md reporter managed to discuss with Olimpia vice-president, Sergiu Chiseliov.

«The rent of the Tiligul base - why did Olimpia got the access"?»

«There are perfect conditions in Ternovca. Here the team can train brilliantly. There is also a hotel, where the players can live. There are numerous fields, and the river Nistru is also close.».

«Here you will also perform you home matches?»

«Of course not. We will play them in Bălţi».

«What happened to Tiligul? The team does not exist anymore?»

«Yes. Tiligul will not perform in the new edition of the championship. The best players will be transferred to Olimpia"».

«Is this a step forward for Olimpia"?»

«Of course. Is a chance to bring two team together».

«and what is there to be done with the Tiligul name"? It is one of the most famous Moldavian club!»

«Their performances are now in Olimpia's hands".

We should mention the teams that stopped their existence during the years.

And the number is an awful one:

Team from Chişinău:

- Agro,
- Beşiktaş,
- Constructorul,
- Eikomena,
- Haiduc-Sporting USM,
- MHM-93,
- Moldova-Gaz,
- Sportul Studenţesc,
- Steaua,
- Stimold,
- Tebas,
- Torentul,
- Unisport-Auto,

Team from Cahul:

- Tricon,
- Victoria.

Team from Hânceşti:

- FC Hânceşti,
- Petrocub.

Other teams:

- Attila (Ungheni),
- Bugeac (Comrat),
- Ciuhur (Ocniţa),
- Codru (Călăraşi),
- Constructorul (Leova),
- Cristal (Făleşti),
- Energetic (Dubăsari),
- FC Floreni,
- Happy-End (Camenca),
- Moldova (Boroseni),
- Nistru (Cioburciu),
- Progresul (Briceni),
- Roma (Bălţi),
- Speranţa (Nisporeni),
- Spumante (Cricova),
- Tighina,
- Universul (Ciuciuleni).

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