Ustin Cerga: "I would like to try myself in Dacia"

We bring you the interview of Sfintul Gheorghe goalkeeper Ustin Cerga given to

- How is you vacation going?

- I rested until June 1 and then started training with goalkeeper coach Vasile Coşelev. So I did not have a long vacation.

- Do you plan on playing with Sergiu Caraman's team after your good performance at Sfintul Gheorghe?

- I will be with the team until June 30 and then we'll see if I stay or don't. Everything will depend on Dacia, whether they want me or not to keep playing for the Saints. I would like to try myself in Dacia.

- Are you ready to compete with Ghenadie Moşneaga, Eugen Matiughin and Artiom Gaiduchevici?

- I trained with them and can say that it is very interesting.

- What Sfintul Gheorghe match did you like the most?

- There were different matches but the two games against Rapid were special.

- Dacia benefited most from your match against Sheriff when you took away two points of the Tiraspol side...

- Yes, I think we helped Dacia then.

- Lucian Dobre said that Dacia could get to the Champions League group stage. What do you think?

- The team has good players so we'll hope that everything will be good.

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