Dumitru Dolgov: "Sfintul Gheorghe will stay in the National Division for sure"

We bring you the interview of Sfintul Gheorghe defender Dumitru Dolgov who answered some questions of SPORTS.md.

- Dumitru, you were going to leave at the end of last season but stayed in Moldova. What happened?

- Yes, I was going to play in another league but did not find the right offer and decided to stay in Moldova until late May.

- You did not return to Nistru and joined Sfintul Gheorghe instead. Were you offered better conditions?

- I was tired of playing in Otaci and transferred to Sfintul Gheorghe to help the team. Plus, I have better conditions here.

- The team is fighting for survival, will you be able not to get relegated from the ND?

- Sfintul Gheorghe will stay in the National Division for sure.

- It is ironic that your next match will be against Nistru. Will this game be special?

- I don't care who my opponents are even if it is my former club. I will play as usual, as in every game.

- Will you try to score?

- I always try to score, on set pieces or on passes from the wing.

- There are only 4 rounds to go in the Championship, what are you planning on?

- I won't stay in Moldova anymore for sure.

- Do you have any offers?

- Yes, I have a few good offers. You will find out everything soon.

- Iskra and Olimpia will play in the Moldova Cup final. Were yo surprised by this?

- I was surprised that Sheriff gave up so easily in the Cup. Sheriff should not have allowed themselves this. Without winning the Championship and the Cup, they failed the season.

- Who will win?

- Olimpia will win. Olimpia have a competent coach, a good team.

Источник – MOLDOVA.sports.md



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