Is Nistru withdrawing from the Championship?

Nistru Otaci is very close to withdraw from the Moldavian Football Championship. The owner of those from Otaci, Vasile Traghira, is facing serious financial problems now and is not known yet if Nistru will start to play at least in autumn. 

Nistru head coach, Lilian Popescu, recognised the critical situation the club experiences right now, and that is not yet known its fate. 

Nistru was declared to have a technical defeat in the game against Sfântul Gheorghe, score 0-3. The decision belongs to the Committee of Competitions and Discipline of the Football Forum from Chişinău, which examined the contracts, the legitimations and the passports of those from Nistru.

At the same time, Nistru was given a fare bill of 10000 MDL (about 850$). lei. The second coach, of the squad, Victor Crainiuc, is not alloud to perform any of the football activities for a period of 12 months. He was also offered a fare bill of 300 $. 

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