The Summary of the Year-2008 «The Laureates’ Rewarding»

It is already a tradition of the MFF to designate at the end of the year the best footballers, coaches, etc.

The summary of this year are the following:

1. The Cioburciu Sportive School (crowd events);

2. The Congaz Specialized school (the competition for disabled persons);

3. The veterans team from Chisinau (the veterans' tournament);

4. ASET Club from Straseni (the footsal competition);

5. The special reward for the development of the junior football in Moldova - The British Embassy in Moldova;

6. The best goalkeeperr - Stanislav Namasco (Sheriff);

7. The best full-back player - Igor Armas (Zimbru);

8. The best midfielder - Alexandru Suvorov (FC Tiraspol);

9. The best forward - Oleg Andronic (Zimbru);

10. The scorer of the year - Igor Picusceac (Sheriff);

11. The best footsal referee - Vladimir Colbasiuc;

12. The best Moldavian referee - Valeriu Sorochin;

13. The special UEFA reward - Ghenadie Orlic;

14. The best children's coach - Mihai Andronic (FC Buiucani);

15. The best footsal referee - Sergiu Turcan (Tornado);

16. The best beach football coach - Iurie Bulgareanu;

17. The best women's football coach - Petru Nicora (UTM, Chisinau);

18. The best Moldavian coach - Vlad Goian (Iskra-Stali, selectionata U-19);

19. The FAIR PLAY Prize- FC Tiraspol;

20. The 2008 Team - the junior national Moldova team;

21. The Gentleman of the year - Valeriu Sidenco (Balti, a former referee of a national level. He returned to some passengers a sum of 15000 euro);

22. The Public Sympathy Prize, "SC" readers - Victor Bulat (Dacia);

23. The starter of the year (a prize offered by the Vremea magazine) - Alexandru Onica (Dacia);

24. The best footsal player - Ian Iacovenco (Dinamo, JLC);

25. The best beach football player - Ruslan Coberman;

26. The best football-tennis player - Maxim Leghezin;

27. The best football woman-player - Svetlana Cioban (Roma);

28. The best Moldavian player - Vitalie Bordian (Metallist Harkov, Moldova National Team).

Vitalie Bordian, Igor Armas and Vlad Goian failed to come at the festivi.

The following artists were also involved in the celebration: Nelli Ciobanu, Natalia Barbu, Ian Raiburg, Indiana and the Millenium and Acord groups.

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